We want everyone to feel welcome here

We work diligently to ensure our venue is accessible to all! Being accessible means much more than just being able to move comfortably around the venue. Our staff are trained to assist you in any situation, including that we are learning NZ Sign language. Please feel free to contact us with any queries or concerns, either phone us on 04 894-7412 or email the address on the footer below, so we can better tailor our services. 

Accessible Car Parks

There are 2 accessible parks within a block from the Hannah Playhouse. One is located at the Wakefield Street (New World) end of Blair Street. The other is on Courtenay Place, on the opposite side of the road to the Hannah Playhouse - it is the first park in the area where you drive into the coblestoned area near the Courtenay Place / Cambridge Terrace intersection.

Blair Street accessible car-park

Blair Street accessible car-park

Special Effects

Please note that productions sometimes use strobe lighting, smoke effects and gunshots to achieve various effects. Details may available from our Box Office staff, if we have been advised. Signage will be also displayed outside the Auditorium if any effect are in use.

Hannah Facilities

Ground Floor

The ground floor foyer houses the Box Office, with entry off Cambridge Terrace. The lift is to the right of the main doors as you enter, which is always open to level 1 and is opened to level 2 when the Auditorium is open to the public.There is a small amount of seating available on the ground floor.

The ground floor is carpeted.

Level 1

Level 1 is home to the Hannah Foyer Bar, bathrooms (ladies, gents, and accessible), offices and stage door. There is a baby change facility in the accessible toilet. Please note there is no hoist system in the toilets.

The Hannah Bar seating has adjustable height bar stools with a few scattered chairs.

There are 20 steps between ground level and level 1. Both the stairs and level 1 are carpeted.

Level 2

Level 2 is the Auditorium, please see details below. Lift access to the Auditorium is available when the Auditorium is open to the public.

There are 20 steps between level 1 and level 2, which are carpeted, as are the hallways. The Auditorium flooring is a mix of wood and concrete. 

Hannah Playhouse Auditorium

The Hannah has a 250 seat auditorium, with two entry points.

There is flat wheelchair access from the Auditorium foyer into the front of the auditorium, where the Stalls are situated. The auditorium has 22 steps between the front and rear of the Stalls (rows A through I). 

The other entrance is to the Balcony seating, which is up 20 steps to enter into the back of the auditorium. There is no wheelchair or lift access to the Balcony.

The auditorium flooring is a mix of wood and concrete. 


The auditorium is equipped a wheelchair space in the front row. Please advise our Box Office staff at the time of booking if you or one of your party uses a wheelchair. Also let our Box Office staff know whether the wheelchair user wishes to stay in their wheelchair or transfer to a seat. The Hannah does have a wheelchair onsite, however please note the Hannah does not provide wheelchairs for patron use while watching shows

The Hannah also has an Evac Chair for use in emergency situations, or if the lift is not able to be used. We always have at least one staff member trained and experienced in the use of the Evac Chair onsite at all times.

Restricted Mobility and Vision Impairments

We are also happy to provide access assistance for patrons with mobility or vision impairments, whereby an usher will be available to walk you to your seat. Please advise our Box Office staff at the time of booking if you require access assistance. If you let us know when you book that you or one of your party has difficulty with stairs, we can aim to seat you in the front row or close to the stage, so there a less steps for you..

We ask that patrons in wheelchairs or with restricted mobility or vision impairment, arrive at least 15 minutes prior to the performance and wait in the Hannah Bar Foyer for the house to open, so you can make your way into the Auditorium prior to the rush.

If you would like assistance to exit the auditorium during the interval, please just let one of our ushers know.

Service Dogs

We welcome service and guide dogs at the Hannah – please inform our Box Office at the time of booking. We will aim to offer aisle or front row seating.

Hearing Impairments

Our staff can greet you in sign language, and will enjoy doing so. But please note, currently the staff do not have the skills to answer your questions or converse with you in sign language. However, they will look at you and speak clearly to provide you a good opportunity to lip read. 

The Hannah Auditorium has a hearing loop, however patrons have not requested it's use in the last year or so. If you require the assistance of the hearing loop, please make a phone booking so we can locate you within the areas serviced by the loop. We welcome feedback on the effectiveness of this tool, so we can improve the service and information we are able to provide.

Any suggestions?

We are always looking to ensure that we are providing good accessibility and service to our patrons – if you have any suggestions for us on how we can improve our services please let us know, email Kathiy Watson, or phone 04 894-7412, with your suggestion.